About Behl

Since 1980, Behl Precision Fabricating has provided precision sheet metal products for the electronics and related industries. Conveniently located in Stafford, Texas, just outside of Houston, our primary focus is customer satisfaction. We deliver a quality product, in a timely manner, at a reasonable cost. Our "State of the Art" facility, with the very best equipment available, is certainly essential to achieving that goal. However, the total attention given to producing quality products by all of our employees is the key to our success.


Let Behl help you produce profitable products


We’ve built our reputation by working closely with our customers for more than 35 years. Our approach is to help solve problems before the problem happens. We use our fabrication experience to analyze product specifications and customer needs at the beginning of each project. This gives us an opportunity to suggest modifications and improvements before production begins. This approach has paid off in the form of better products, lower production cost, higher quality, and quicker turnaround for many of our customers.


To meet your pre-production evaluation and testing requirements Behl also provides prototype and limited run services. We have the skilled experts equipment and experience to produce one off and short runs before full production is begun. There is no compromise in quality and our prices are highly competitive.

Volume Production

Behl provides capacity for full production runs. We have been at the forefront of the fabricating industry capitalizing on increased productivity thru the use of the latest technology. As we move into the next 35 years of business, we will continue to build even more.

metal parts
metal parts
metal parts

Behl Production Capabilities

This table summarizes capacities and the production facilities. Behl is constantly adding and upgrading its capabilities to meet customer needs. Please contact your outside sales representative for a complete list of equipment and service

Shear .015" (28 guage) to .250" (3 guage) Programable NC, Percision back gaging
Punch CNC punch presses with auto loading, highspeed thoughput Accuracy to .005"
Bend  15 to 55 tons, width to 8 feet NC back gaging with repeatability to .005"
Machine Sawing, CNC milling, drilling to X50" by Y26", programmable accuracy to .005"
Weld Standard TIG welding Aluminum, carbon, and stainless stell
Spot Weld  To 150 KVA Up to 10 guage carbon and stainless steel
Install hardware Four dedicated presses Handle all types of self-clenching nuts, studs, and hardware
Finish Debur, grainfinish, alodine powder coating, zinc plate, anodize Any special finish desired can be provided
Packing Custom services To suit special production, storage requirements


The specifications may call for paint, plated, chemical or electrostatically applied finishes. We have the knowledge and capabilities to meet your needs.

metal parts
men finishing metal containers
finished metal parts

At Behl, Everyone Is A Quality Inspector

Every Behl employee has responsibility of quality control. If there is dimensional error or blemish in the finish or anything else that might mar the quality of the finished part or assembly the job stops immediately for correction.

manufacturing machine
quality testing tools


Our services aren’t limited to punching, bending, machining and finishing. We can often add value to the parts we supply through packaging. Several of our customers will order Behl made parts in antistatic bags; this helps protect delicate electronic components from static damage during assembly. Many others receive parts in specially designed packages so they can go right into the production line.

shipping area
packing parts
units ready for shipping

Storage and Delivery

Behl maintains a large area within our facilities to provide storage for finish parts Many customers place advanced orders based on their production schedules Behl produces and stores parts to reduce customer floor space requirements. This also provides maximum efficiency for “Just in time” and similar materials management systems.

behl workflow

Typical flow of work in progress at Behl Precision Fabricating

Everyone takes personal responsibility for the quality products we produce. Anticipating potential problems helps maintain high standards which have  contributed to our reputation since we began business.



Behl supports your ISO 9000 standards

Behl provides support for any customer specified ISO 9000 standard. We have developed special procedures to ensure full conformance.